Essay about Context : My Husband And I

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Context: My husband and I are arguing about his yelling at our children, to go to their rooms and be quiet, when he was trying to complete a test for one of his online classes.
Interaction: Last week, my husband was taking a mid-term for one of his classes and our four children were running around the house playing a game of hide and go seek. Normally, when he sits down to work on his school work, he puts on his headphones and listens to music. This helps him concentrate and stay focused in our, usually, very loud home. That day, he decided to not use his headphones and had asked our children to please play quietly while he did his work. About an hour into his school work, he decided to take his exam. Usually, he will tell me that he is about to take a test and I will have our children go outside to play, go to their rooms and watch a movie or I will take them someone where so that he can have minimal distractions, but that day he didn’t say anything to me. I had heard his original request for the children to play quietly, and they successfully played quietly for that hour.
The children had become restless and began to play tag in one of their rooms as my husband had started to take his exam. After about 15 min of playing in the room, the game expanded to include the living room and kitchen. It was after the first five minutes of the kids playing out in the living room when my husband decided that he had heard enough. He slammed his notebook on the desk, turned around and…

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