Content Analysis Of A Movie ' I Choose Essay

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Content Analysis of a Movie
The movie I choose was Flowers in the Attic, by V.C Andrews (2014). The whole ordeal with Flowers in the Attic retakes the abuse of a grandmother that punishes her daughter for marrying and having children by her uncle. So, the daughter was cut out of her fathers will for marring her uncle. The daughter moves back home after the sudden death of her husband. After that the daughter takes the abuse or punishment from her mother from what she did years ago. The grandmother emotionally and physically starts to abuse the mother and children. The grandmother keeps the children locked up in a room because of the incest and the disgrace her daughter had done to their family.
What family violence in the film is that it betrays emotional and physical abuse, incest, isolation. Which in chapter one family violence is the most private form of aggression and the concept of privacy of the family, coupled with isolation, diminishes outside social control, lessons input from others, and increases the opportunity for violence (Andrews, 2014). The movie comes across as simply about a dysfunctional woman who tortures her grandchildren and her daughter who lost her way. Violence and abuse in the film was portrayed to limited to whipping and slapping, shoving even mental demotics, starving.
The consequences of the characters like Chris which was the oldest boy took emotional abuse and physical abuse from his grandmother. Chris took the role of caretaker for his…

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