Contemporary Nurse Leaders Essay

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With so many incredible nursing theorists, it is impossible to resist discussing nursing’s first theorist-Florence Nightingale. Born in 1820, Florence became the founder of modern nursing. Her theories include the most well-known environmental theory. Some assumptions of her theory were: nursing is a calling, nursing requires a specific educational base, nursing is an art and a science, and natural laws just to name a few. Florence believed that the law of health was keeping the person and population healthy. What I admire the most about Florence is her strength in advocacy and her focus on leadership and education. Florence was quoted saying “Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach …show more content…
Deborah has moved to make the CNA pivotal in politics as Schwarzenegger found when he tried to take on the state of California’s nurses, and lost. In fact, they even defeated him on every initiative during his special “reform” election much to his chagrin (Miguel, 2006). She, like Florence, believes in the power in numbers to assist her in her pursuit to better the profession of nursing. Her bold statement "It's about allies. It's about people who band together for the greater good of all. It's about standing up to forces much larger than one person can fight alone. It's about believing in the social contract -- and making it real” reflects this view (Kleiman, 2005). Deborah’s current task is taking on insurance companies and their involvement in universal health care and the “Robin Hood Tax”. Deborah states “forcing people to buy insurance is not universal health care”. (Burger, 2008) “ For too many years, nurses and patients haven't had a voice, and insurance corporations, hospital chains, and drug companies have called all the shots”, (Burger, 2012) but with Deborah at the head of the march, this way of thinking may finally change. Both Deborah and Florence were strong advocates for both nurses and patients. They were not afraid to step out of the box of expectations to face powerful adversaries and political forces, showing no fear along the way. Deborah even goes so

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