Contemporary Moral Issue Essay

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Contemporary Moral Issues
Philosophy 215
Fall 2014
Instructor: Valerie Philbrick-DeBrava Office: James Blair 132
Email: Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:00
Phone: (804) 642-4621 Course Times: MWF 10:00-10:50 (01)
Course Location: James Blair 201 MWF 11:00-11:50 (02)
Course Description: Philosophy 215 is designed to improve our understanding of the moral issues our twenty-first-century society faces. As both a survey of these issues and their attendant controversies, and as an introduction to moral philosophy, this course teaches us how respected thinkers have rigorously explored such topics as capital punishment, social inequality, and environmental
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Bollinger – BB; Gratz v. Bollinger: O’Connor’s Concurring Opinion and Ginsburg’s Dissenting Opinion; “Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin” – BB
11/3 - *Quiz #4
Gun Control
11/5 – Hugh LaFollette, “Gun Control” – BB; Cynthia A. Stark, “Fundamental Rights and the Right to Bear Arms” – BB; Samuel C. Wheeler III, “Gun Violence and Fundamental Rights” – BB; Lance K. Stell, “Gun Control and the Regulation of Fundamental Rights” – BB
11/7 – Robert L. Young, “The Protestant Heritage and the Spirit of Gun Ownership” – BB; Jeffrey Goldberg, “The Case for More Guns (and More Gun Control)” – BB
11/10 – David Cole, “Facing the Real Gun Problem” – BB; Sam Harris, “Why I Own Guns” – BB; *Response Paper #4 due
Ethics and War
11/12 – Chapter 15; Richard Wasserstrom, “On the Morality of War,” Journal of Philosophy 65 (19): 578-90 – BB
11/14 – Uwe Steinhoff, “Torture: The Case for Dirty Harry,” Journal of Applied Philosophy 23.3, 337-53 – BB; Charles Krauthammer, “The Truth about Torture: It’s Time to Be Honest about Doing Terrible Things,” The Weekly Standard 12/5/2005; 11, 12, 21-25 – BB; Andrew Sullivan, “The Abolition

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