Constructive: in a Business Education Class Essay

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Constructivist Pedagogy for the Business Management Classroom

In (Partial) Fulfillment

of the Requirements for Basic Communication 25

(Research Writing in Discipline)


Benosa, Mark Joseph

Gyoungseok, Lee

Sanchez, Ann Marie Gabrielle

February 2011

Sentence Outline

Thesis Statement: Although, most College of Business Administration teachers prefer to use the conventional way of teaching, management students would learn best through the learning-by-doing/Constructivist approach because it provides first had experience in the business world and it challenges students way of thinking.
Business education and learning has become challenging over
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C. The conventional way of teaching is proven to be effective especially in behaviour formation.

II. Management students, on the other hand, favour their teacher using the learning-by doing/constructivist approach when teaching business interrelated topics.

A. Protracted and dull treatise does not stimulate students learning. B. Students prefer group works and more student-teacher interaction. C. Students understands business concepts if they can apply it in the real business world.

III. Teaching management students using the learning-by-doing/constructivist approach is very effective and proficient.

A. The learning-by-doing/constructivist gives the students gives the students the opportunity to see and experience the full picture of the business world B. The learning-by-doing/constructivist approach accommodates every student’s different learning style and individual differences.

IV. Conclusion: To support the effective learning for the learners, the pedagogy of every CBA teachers should be assessed and properly designed.
Constructivist Pedagogy for the Business Management Classroom Business education and learning has become challenging over the last few years. The knowledge gained in university education is met until they write and pass their examinations. Transferring knowledge from the classroom to the workplace has become one of the most important goals of business education. Basic skill

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