Constructive Criticism : Constructive Response Essay

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Constructive Criticism When someone offers constructive criticism, one may respond in a defensive manner no matter how constructive the criticism may be. One tends to attempt to explain or excuse the behavior as to avoid the feeling of judgment. Reactions to constructive criticism, I believe, depends on who offers it, whether it is a family member, a friend, a co-worker, our boss or supervisor, and how well we get along with the person. Overall receiving and responding to constructive criticism is never an easy venture, rather it is one of the most difficult experiences one has to endure. Nonetheless, it is needed in order to learn, grow, and improve our communication skills. For my experiment of constructive criticism, I asked my Sister to assist me. I asked her to provide me with constructive criticism, and to monitor my reactions. Before she began to talk, I was hesitant to begin, I felt anxious, nervous, by the thought of receiving criticism especially from my sister who could be brutally honest. The more I tried to prepare to listen with an open mind, the more I fidgeted and avoided the conversation. My sister just smiled and waited. She as well gathered her thoughts on how to commence. This process took approximately forty five minutes. Finally, she began speaking. She stated that when she tried to talk to me about some things about herself, I interrupted her and started talking about myself thus monopolizing (Wood, 2013). She went on to tell me that…

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