Essay Construction Of The Keystone Xl Pipeline

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Perhaps one of the most widely debated topics, in recent years, is the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The completion of the project has been done in multiple phases and one of the last phases scheduled to be completed is the phase 4 extension. This extension would create a pipeline that would trek, around 2000 miles, from Alberta Canada to the gulf coast of Texas (Friends of the Earth). Since the pipeline would cross international borders, approval from congress would be necessary in order to begin construction (NPR). The two main issue points on the topic are the economic gains that could incur from the development of the pipeline and the overall impression on the environment that would ensue from extraction, transportation, and refining of the oil. Some people believe that the pipeline would stimulate the economy by creating jobs and generating tax revenue for local counties. However, the economic benefits, that the pipeline would bring, do not outweigh the negative impacts that it would have on the environment and therefore the pipeline should not be built. The primary arguing side against the construction of the Keystone XL phase 4 pipeline is the negative environmental impacts that it would have, short term and long term, not only in local areas but on the entire planet. The material that is being transferred in the pipeline is tar sands oil and is considered to be dirty and corrosive (Friends of the Earth). With its corrosive and dirty nature, the…

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