Essay about Confucius : An Reliable Source Of Confucius

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Confucius was believed to be born around 551 B.C and lived to 479 B.C. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher in the fifth and sixth century that influenced many people and still does to this day. The Analects is said to be the most reliable source of Confucius’ ideas. The Analects is made up of sayings from Confucius and the people that were with him in his travels. Even though he did not define human nature in any way, Confucius said that all human beings are equal. Confucius’ theory would be valid if he had explained more about his beliefs and included everyone in them.
The Analects are based on humanism, not metaphysics. Confucius was more worried about the basic human welfare and not so much the ultimate nature of the world. He was concerned on a better government that would help the well-being of the common people that would bring peace among the citizens.(Stevenson 19)
There are two forces in the universe that can control our lives, called Destiny and The Decree of Heaven. Confucius stated that Destiny cannot be changed and humans should focus on following morals. Destiny is beyond human control and should be accepted that way. It is how we find ourselves situated. The Decree of Heaven is defined as Heaven supporting an emperor if he ruled for higher purpose, and not for selfish benefit. It was soon altered to include every person to act morally to be in agreement with The Decree of Heaven. It is an option to deny or follow The Decree of Heaven. Confucius viewed…

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