Essay Conflicts And Its Effects On Organizational Productivity

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There are many different types of conflict styles that may be witnessed in the society. An individual may be in conflict with another man, with the society, or with himself. This happens when a person has divided thoughts and is not able to make a decision on a given issue. In an organization setting, conflicts may arise due to many reasons including, but not limited to, Managerial Expectations, Breakdown in Communication, Misunderstanding the Information and Lack of Accountability. Organizational conflicts can be both beneficial and harmful to the successful operations and ultimate productivity of the organization. While conflicts may impede the production pace of an organization, they may also lead to the development of strong organizational cultures to promote future organizational management. Conflict resolution is conceptualized as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution. This paper will explain types of conflicts and their effects on organizational productivity, and the effective resolution approaches that may be applied to reduce the harmful effects of such conflicts.
Conflict is inevitable and a part of every daily life. It has been mentioned that conflict will arise due to some level of misunderstanding between the parties involved. Or a disagreement in different thoughts within an individual. In this perspective, conflict can occur in many ways. First you have individual versus individual conflict…

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