Conflict Theory : Conflict Behavior Theory Essays

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Approximately forty to fifty percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. In America, divorce has become an accepted institution where a sense of individualism is found as couples are separated “for the greater good”. However, at some point in the marriage, conflict has arisen which has led to this separation through legal matters.
While there are many factors that play into this very high divorce rate in America; one of the prevalent causes seems to be explained through conflict behavior theory. Conflict behavior theory describes the human reaction that happens as a result of the interaction between two or more people in which there is a contrast in views. This theory assumes behavior can be show in one of three ways: destructive, constructive and withdrawn. In the first article, the writer describes studies which have shown that conflict behavior can predict the possibility of divorce within the first three minutes of discussion involving marital conflict (Carrere). The study discussed in the article showed that in 124 newlywed couples, their marital outcome over a 6 year period could be predicted using a Specific Affect Coding System (Carrere). This experiment carried on for about six years in which there were follow ups. The outcome of this study showed that this prediction of divorce improved as the conversations continued, and that in women, the prediction continued over the remainder of the conversation as within the first 3 minutes. Over the course…

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