Conflict Theories And Conflict Theory Essay

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The Conflict Theory is a school of thought that defines the society as a power struggle between dominant groups and those that are coerced into a lower status due to the scarcity of resources (Conflict Theory np). Such constant state of tension sometimes leads to eruptions of tension that end up creating palpable social change. In such a context, the conflict theory can explain why certain conflicts take place. The idea of social conflict was in existence long before it became a theory in sociology. In the 1950s, two sociologists, Lewis Coser and Ralf Darhendorf (Conflict Theory np), criticized the structural functionalist theory as it offered an overly optimistic description of the nature of societies. There was no room for the explanation of conflict and that irked the two theorists who knew that society rarely exists without a conflict. Therefore, they solidified the conflict theory that provides a realistic perspective of the society where conflicts take place, and usually remarkable social change takes place once the tension has cooled down. The conflict theory is now applicable in various sociological issues and it can easily find its outcome in other areas such as behavioral sciences.
Karl Max (1818-1883) (Conflict Theory np) came up with a socialist movement dubbed Marxism, which has created some of the tenets for the conflict theory developed in the 20th century. Karl Marx was a student of the capitalist regime and he made some observations that fired him up for…

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