Essay on Conflict Of War And Ruthlessness

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Conflict can be a solution on certain occasions, and at the same instance, conflict can also act as a cause for various problems. In this paper, we will study the perspective in which conflict is regarded as a solution to some problems and try to expand on this argument and the other hand it is also regarded as a cause of some problems. In referring to conflict in this paper, cruelty, war and ruthlessness are also considered to be forms of conflict since they cause misunderstanding and fear in some cases. Bourne is known for equating War to the health of a nation during the first war by the statement “War is the health of the State” (Zinn, 2003). Surprisingly, when the countries of Europe went to war, they managed to have successful governments, patriotism was at its brim and the struggle for class was halted. Hofstadter even claims: “America became bound up with the Aliies in a fateful union of war and prosperity.” in regard to American joining allies like England in the War (Zinn, 2003). England is also down in history for having made profits during the war period. When Machiavelli says that for a prince to be considered as the ruler and yet gain respect and honor among his people, he points out the importance of inflicting pain in some instances, be it in cruel and harsh conditions after which he will be respected (Machiavelli, 1998). In analyzing rulers who have managed to grip their people and still at the same time be harsh and ruthless, it is noted that…

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