Conflict Of Interest And Conformity Bias Essay

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In the average person’s daily life, we constantly encounter situations where we have to choose between two things, or persuaded by the people we encounter or our loved ones to do certain things or think a certain way. In the business world, this happens more often than not. The video titled “Conflict of Interest” and “Conformity Bias” in the series of videos titled Ethics Unwrapped produced by the University of Texas and narrated by Robert Prentice, they touch on the incentives that are presented upon us that may hinder our ability to perform our professional duties, responsibility and our ability to be independent and stand out.

In a Conflict of Interest, The University of Texas discusses how personal interest and gain is appealed to by companies or its customers to influence or persuade you to buy their product or get them on your good side. An example of this would be the MAC worker, Taylor, whose job is not to return merchandise that is completely gone but chooses to do it anyways because she may get a ten dollar tip from her customer. Because gaining a monetary amount is in Taylor’s best interest, it affected her judgment and could cost her her job because she broke the guidelines that say she is not to return items that are completely gone. Another example is the case of the Professors job to their students and their schools. Schools hire professors based on merit, experience, and education. They are expected to design hard courses that challenge the student to…

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