Conflict In If I Stay

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Conflict: The problem in the book If I Stay is that Mia is struggling on what she wants to do, she really wants to be with her boyfriend and her grandparents and all them, but God knows she has that little urge to wanna go back with Teddy, and her mother and father. It's a very hard decision, if I was in that situation I wouldn't know what in the world to do..but I guess you never know what will happen, what would you do if you got in a terrible crash and you had to choose whether to go to heaven with your siblings you died with or stay alive with the sibling who weren't there…?

Setting: In the book If I Stay, Mia is still in the hospital, she will probably be in the hospital for a while, well until she's out of a coma, when I was just reading it was about dinner time, because she went to the waiting room and no one was there waiting for her and all she could really see us her cousins neon orange coat, she said it's neon so drunk hunters don't mistake her for a bear, so she goes to the cafeteria (which is a big place) and searches for her family, she finds them chatting about a someone and how they got let go with only scratches and bruises , she was hoping it was teddy but it wasn't , as soon as she heard there was no alcohol in his system she knew they must have been talking about the other driver, which to come to find
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They wouldn't let him go see her so they ( Kim and Adam ) got the the ICU doors but this grumpy nurse caught them and got security to get them out and Adams worried if he doesn't go see her she will die, Mia is feeling scared,nervous , and confused. She wants to let go she says. She wants to take the pain away, she has said that twice and her body started failing and the nurses came in and took her somewhere else, and now she's on the ventilator again , she can't breathe on her own again, and Mia is just tired of holding on to something she doesn't know how to take care

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