Life Depicted In Mia Hall's If I Stay

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Imagine having your entire life planned out with all the Advance Placement and SAT’s being a thing of the past, exciting milestones in life are coming up in the near future. Some of the once in a lifetime events include senior prom, applying for college, high school graduation, deciding on a major and ultimately getting accepted into your dream school. Nothing can stop you as what seems to be the peak of all of your eighteen years on this Earth. Well, this was exactly how Mia Hall felt in If I Stay… until the unthinkable happened. After school being cancelled because of a snow day, Mia and her family decided to take a trip to grandmother’s house to have dinner there.
Mia Hall has a true gift in playing the cello. She has everything going for her in life. She has a gorgeous boyfriend who is madly in love with her, quirky hip parents that totally get her, a caring best friend, and a musical talent that could take her anywhere she wanted. Suddenly, what she once knew was all gone when the family gets into a car accident due to the snow.
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Every chapter of If I Stay mentions music, which illustrates its importance in Mia’s life. As anyone can relate, music is Mia’s escape from the real world. Mia loves classical music and that is the main focus of her study. She is trying to get into Julliard for playing the cello. In the book, she loves the artist Yo Yo Ma and plays many challenging songs that are especially difficult to play on the cello. In the film, her music comes to life. Her music is the background of the entire film and is the glue that keeps the film together. The movie really demonstrates the great impact of music on Mia’s life. She grew up around music as her parents were rock stars themselves. Because of the movie, anyone can see the amazing talent and love Mia has for music brought to life which makes music as her career choice more pivotal than just reading the book alone (If I

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