Conflict Between Conflict And Conflict Essay

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“Relationships don’t always run smoothly” (Trenholm, 151). With all the relationships we have with other people around us, conflict is inevitable to avoid. If conflict is managed successfully, then it can strengthen the relationship, but if conflict is not managed successfully, it can also lead a relationship to the end. Conflict occurs “whenever two (interdependent) people have incompatible goals”, scarce rewards, and also interference from the other person in order to achieve his or her goals (Trenholm, 151). When dealing with conflict, people will have their preferred way of handling conflict, this is also known as the conflict style. There are five strategies mentioned in the textbook of conflict style: withdrawing, forcing, accommodating, compromising, and problem solving. I have recently watched a Korean TV drama called She was Pretty. In some episodes of this drama, I found a lot of examples of conflict that occurs interpersonal relationship. This is a romantic comedy about two grownups that meet again after elementary school. A lot of things have changed after elementary school; they have gone through changes in appearance and also fortunes. Kim Hye-jin was a really pretty girl from a rich family. She experienced a lot of hardship of her life and lost her beauty after her father’s publishing company went bankrupt. Ji Sung-joon was a fat boy during elementary school, but grows up as a good looking and successful fashion magazine chief editor. Haven’t…

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