Conflict And Its Effect On Human Relations Essay

1039 Words Nov 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Conflict is defined as “a process that begins when one of the parties perceives that it has suffered a negative effect or it is about to occur”. It can also be considered as the outcome of the process where the interests of the parties collide in whole or in part and are perceived by them. That is, there is a gap between what you want to achieve and reality, where something or someone is opposed in its realization. In a traditional way it has been pointed out that conflict should be avoided, since it indicates that the organization is malfunctioning. Another thought based on the concept of human relations, mentions that conflict is a natural and inevitable result in any human group, and that it is not necessarily harmful. It has a great positive potential to help with the performance of groups, organizations and people. There is a third thought, the interactionist, which is the most recent, it indicates that conflict is not only a positive force, but it is absolutely necessary for groups to work effectively. In general, people have as a concept that conflicts should be avoided, which is not correct, since conflict cannot be eliminated. It is part of human nature, and it is present in our daily work and has a powerful positive force. Conflict allows organizations to motivate themselves, modifying their objectives and processes, reorienting strategies. The same happens with people, conflict forces people to evaluate their attitudes and behaviors, reaffirm their decisions or…

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