Essay on Conflict And Conflict Of The Workplace

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Conflict in the workplace has occurred at every level in an organization and will continue to exist as long as individuals are employed. This conflict can occur at the highest levels of leadership all the way down to the lower levels of the workforce. Regardless of the conflict, if it is not handled properly it can negatively affect the perception and reputation of the organization. Depending on the outcome and how the conflict is handled, there can also be a positive effect. During the resolution phase of any conflict it is important to take the best interest of all parties involved. It is equally important not to lose the trust of your employees, managers and leaders by conforming to demands just to make the problem go away. More often than not, the perception is reality. We must manage the conflict effectively by identifying the type of conflict, the source of the conflict and how we approach the conflict.
First, to handle this conflict we must identify what type of conflict we are presented with. According to Nahavandi, Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta (2015), there are four types of conflict that managers encounter. They are intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup and intergroup. Is this conflict with the employee, between employees, between departments or with management? We know that initially the employee was reassigned due to poor job performance. The individual has been reassigned for one year without any prior concerns or discord with the reassignment until now.…

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