Summary Of The Post American World By Fareed Zakaria

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The author of The Post- American World, Fareed Zakaria, claims that the other nations are catching up to the United States. According to Zakaria, the United States is considered “the dominant player” as being the richest nation in the world (Zakaria, pg. 22). After the United States industrialized, the nation was considered the “most powerful nation since imperial Rome” (Zakaria, pg. 2). However, the other nations such as China, India, and Japan are gaining power, and are becoming richer and stronger. The nations are following the United States’ ways in order to grow as a nation. The other nations in the world are following America’s ways of growing economically. In The Post- American World, Fareed Zakaria gives examples of how the other nations are growing economically by building structures and organizations. For example, Dubria produced the tallest building in the world. China produced the world’s largest public trade corporation and several large …show more content…
Zakaria believes that China is still considered a poor country since its GDP) Gross Domestic Product is at least $4,300. Both China and India cannot get through the middle-income status. Also Japan’s and China’s market economies are not fully modernized since these countries face problems to grow in economy. However, Zakaria believes that China in the future will double in size in their economy if they continue to produce their goods such as toys, clothing, and cellphones. According to Fareed Zakaria, in the 21st century, China and India may possibly rank “the second and third largest economies in the world” (Zakaria, pg. 22). Based on this information from Fareed Zakaria in The Post-American World, it seems like the nations will continue to grow within their economy, however, these nations never will be able to dominate over the United States’

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