Essay about Conflict Among Nurses : Conflict

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Conflict Among Nurses

This writer has had her fair share of conflict situations with her colleagues in the workplace. Thus, results of some studies that viewed conflict as expected occurrences in health care settings did not come as a surprise. Brinkert (2010) described conflict in such phrases as “pervasive in nursing… a routine feature of nursing…” (p. 145). Almost (2006) also described conflict as “a significant issue within healthcare setting around the world… and is inevitable in any work environment” (p.444). However, studies have also shown that conflicts “can have positive functions” (Brinkert, 2010, p. 146). As cited by Yoder-Wise (2014) “Moderate levels of conflicts contribute to the quality of ideas generated and foster cohesiveness among team members, contributing to the organization’s success” (p. 432). On the other hand, conflict has many negative consequences not only to the conflicting parties, but also to the patients and the organization. Almost (2006) aptly cited “Persistent conflict at work is detrimental to the work climate and negatively affects individuals’ physical and psychological well-being, resulting in increased turnover and absenteeism, reduced coordination and collaboration, and lower efficiency (p. 444).

What Is The Problem? The communication between the night nurse and the day nurse in the scenario, illustrated the definition of conflict as described by Brinkert (2010) “conflict is the interaction of interdependent people who…

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