Concussions And Athletes In Sports

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Nancy Ibarra
Mrs. Blevens
October 19, 2016 ALS/CTE/Head Trauma Many sports involve physical contact, athletes usually start at a young age, so when they play a sport in their life, they are bound to fall in love with it. “ALS” is the most common disease in sports, athletes are usually the ones at greater risk of developing “ALS”. Lou Gehrig was a baseball player who developed “ALS” at the highlight of his career, making this disease known and developing it 's nickname “Lou Gehrig 's Disease”.”CTE” is another big disease that can very much affect an athlete. It comes with ailments such as alzheimer 's, dementia, parkinson 's disease, and huntington 's disease. These ailments are very effective and can not be undone, some are so severe it results in death. Concussions and Head Trauma may seem similar in a way, but the factors that come with them are not. Concussions can be fatal if not treated right, while head trauma has lasting factors but is not as
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CatcWomen are actually more at risk of getting a concussion because they have smaller necks then men do. They also recover slower than men do, it 's sports like lacrosse, soccer, basketball and swimming that affect women. Men are at a high risk as well, with football being one of the highest percentages to cause concussions. If athletes do believe they are at risk of getting a concussion there are tests that can be given, such as the baseline test. The baseline test is said to have work better in men than on women, when you go to the doctor get examined, there should be a variety of tests. Image testing, cognitive which is a test that helps your thinking, and they will do an observation on the patient. Ct Scans can also be given to help determine if there is any brain damage that was caused during the

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