Symptoms And Causes Of Bullying

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Introduction 2
Causes of Bullying 3
Bullies 4
Victims 5
Kinds of Bullying 6
The Effects of Bullying 9
School’s Responsibility 10
Parent’s Responsibility 11
Legal Acts to Avoid Bullying 12
Stop Bullying 13
Bullying Statistics 14
List of Social Networking Sites 15
Conclusion and Recommendations 17

Bullying conduct has become one of the most controversial issues in our society today and one of the serious concerns in most schools. Bullying before was treated as inherent part of a child’s adolescent period but due to reported crimes that directly relates incidents of bullying the society has become alarmed
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This category of bullying is usually occurring among male students. This could result to serious matters as it involves injuries or could lead to worst scenario. Unlike verbal bullying physical bullying has evidence that could result to immediate expulsion or even criminal charges and complains to the bully.
Bullying through words
This is done through using harmful words, name-tagging and other humiliating words that only resulted to insult a bullying victim. The usual target of this bullies are children with handicapped status and those with unusual looks. This kind of bullying has no physical injuries involved but research shows that this kind of bullying is damaging a child’s emotions and could lead to insecurities and low self-confidence. Thus hinders a person to excel more both in academics and socialization activities. This form of bullying was the conventional way of bullying and is done through verbal act. This is occurring during a child’s primary years but extreme form of verbal bullying is present during secondary level. This form of bullying is hindering a person to excel in academics and non academics because of the fear that he might get bullied by fellow students, the victim chooses to just be quiet and kept his potentials within
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On the contrary only very few students who are bullied would take the courage to reverse the effect on them and instead of being victims they choose to treat this as a challenge and put more attention to class. To them this is a form of diverting their attention. Some victims of bullying were trained and equipped to not be affected by the bullies, they were given wisdom and skills to depend themselves against this kind of people.
In case of a bullied students this should be reported right away to the class teacher and the teacher to the school administration, parents or guardians of both parties should be physically present to discuss these matters with the school officers and with the bullies and the victims presence as well. There should be necessary act and punishment if found guilty of doing the bullying

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