Conception And Abortion Debate

How Conception and Abortion is in the U.S. Debates about abortion have always been a big issue in both the United States and the world. Some people argue that it is wrong to do an abortion because you take away a child that has the right to a life. However, the other side argues that it is important for women to have the right to have an abortion if they want to. In addition to the debate about abortion, there are also debates going on about conception. In some cases men are sterile and cannot make a women pregnant, and then there are options such as assisted reproductive technologies where you can get sperm from another man and the woman can then get pregnant. Some people think it is ethically incorrect to use techniques such as this, …show more content…
A common argument for people who argue that abortion should not be legal is that they think abortion is a murder. Although there are laws about when women are able to do an abortion, some people still think it is a murder if they do an abortion early in the pregnancy since they refer to it as a life. In addition, the people who think that abortion should be illegal say that the unborn babies are human and have a right to life, and when pregnant women make an abortion they take away the right to life for the baby. Another argument that is used by the people who are against abortion is how it is morally wrong to do an abortion, it is similar to the previous arguments since the people who are against abortion think that it is morally wrong to not give birth to a child that a woman is pregnant with and not give it a life that it has the right to. Although there are many arguments about how abortion should not be legal, there are also arguments about why abortion should be legal. For example, if a woman is pregnant with a child that will have many disabilities in life and will not be able to live a normal life and struggle throughout it, then they think it is good that the woman can make an abortion. Giving birth to a child that will struggle throughout its life and not be able to live a normal life would be tough, both for the child itself and for the woman. Another argument that is used when debating abortion is that women who get raped should be able to have the right to an abortion. If abortion would be illegal then women who get raped are forced to give birth to the child that they could be pregnant with because of a rape. There will always be a debate about how abortion should be legal or not, and both sides have valid arguments that supports their points. However, the most important part to look at is what is best for the individuals themselves. For example,

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