Absolutism: The Controversial Topic Of Abortion

Abortion is a very well know controversial topic around the United States. Some people are pro-abortion and some are very against it, so there is a wide variety of debates on whether abortion should be legal. I personally am pro-choice, and I think that if that’s what the person believes is the best than that is their choice. As a society, we don’t understand what it would be like to be in the position of a person that must make that huge decision, so why should we sit around and judge them for their own choices? There a lot arguments that are completely against abortion, and they only believe that going through with it is murder. It is your right to be against abortion, but it is also your right to have an abortion. My personal beliefs are that it is okay to terminate a pregnancy to a certain extent. If …show more content…
A very large part of the population believes that it is ethically wrong to take a human life no matter what. They believe that as soon as the child is conceived it is a human, and they think that the embryo has the same rights as anyone else. How does Absolutism affect the topic of abortion? Absolutism is defined as the view that morals rules have no expectations and are context independent. So, this means that people would always believe that killing a human is wrong no matter what the situation is. Krisi Brown wrote in her article 10 Reasons Not To Have An Abortion, “From the moment of fertilization – better known as conception – a new human life is in existence. Ending this life is not ending “potential.” It is ending a life” (Brown). She believes that because there is a human life that is relevant to the world, you should not be able to kill it. If it is a double homicide to kill a mother and a child, then why isn’t it considered murder when a fetus is aborted. This is just one argument for the people that are completely against

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