The Case Of Roe Vs Wade

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In American history, the Supreme Court has passed laws that have assisted the well-being of all different types of people, though what is passed is not always received well by Americans. In January of 1973, the court case known as Roe versus Wade occurred. The decision of the case was pivotal for women and men alike. Though this was the first time that a large case related to abortion acted on by the Supreme Court, abortion was not an unheard of topic. Because of the women’s rights movement in the 1960’s, powerful uprises had previously occurred regarding abortion, including the question of if abortion is moral or not. According to Mark Y. Herring, the author of The Pro-Life/Choice Debate, that abortion during this time received more social …show more content…
In The United States versus Vuitch, it was determined that abortions were legal if a woman 's life or health was in danger. This allowed for the decision of Roe versus Wade to be taken seriously. Because Norma McCorvey, who used the alias as Jane Roe for the case, claimed that it was unconstitutional for her privacy to be invaded when seeking an abortion, the case was taken in more serious light. Although the outcome of the case made so it that abortion was legal for women in America, state government officials were allowed to decide whether or not abortion would be legal in the state they governed. This created more hoops to jump through for women who were seeking abortions, especially when states severely limited access to the reproductive health care of women. However, making abortion illegal did not end the practice of them; many illegal abortions were performed then. Women knew about the severe danger and possibility of death when receiving an abortion during this time, yet many women still did seek abortions. Similarly today, access to abortion and reproductive health care for women is limited and controlled by the state more so the decision made during Roe versus Wade, which should not be the

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