Computer Hacking Essay

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One of the fastest growing fields is information technology, because computers are a part of most people’s lives and businesses. A recurrent topic in the news today is computer hacking. Recently, several companies have been hacked into and customers’ digital information has been stolen. Even the government can’t seem to keep its information safe. Everyday, people’s identities are stolen because their online bank has been hacked into. Digitization, the process of making information digitally stored on a computer, should not have been fully implemented in many venues, such as healthcare, retail, and government entities, because inadequate security measures have not been taken to properly protect digitized information.
Recently a major problem
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If the wrong hands compromised the DOE, life as we know it would most likely end, because it powers not just the lives of Americans, but also the vital systems of the military and many government departments. Recent reports have shown that the American government also cannot keep out hackers with malicious intentions, and that this most vital department is very vulnerable. "The potential for an adversary to disrupt, shut down (power systems), or worse … is real here," said Scott White, Professor of Homeland Security and Security Management and Director of the Computing Security and Technology program at Drexel University (Reilly, n.d.)." According to an article entitled Decision, “From an economic perspective, a targeted cyber attack could cause massive losses that cascade through multiple infrastructure sectors (such as energy, transportation, health care, finance) given that cyberspace has increased the interconnectedness among them.” Economic costs could include business interruption, hardware and software replacement, customer reimbursements, cyber defense costs, criminal use of credit card numbers, stolen identities, fines, and cyber risk insurance (Kelic et al., n.d.).” In 2005, the FBI estimated that the total cost of cyber attacks for U.S. companies was $67 billion dollars. According to Shawn Henry, assistant director for the FBI’s Cyber Division, the cost for …show more content…
These compromises have triggered major economic losses for businesses and individuals, as well as put the security of nations at risk. Despite best efforts at securing the digitalized information, breaches continue to be a common, and even expected occurrence. It seems that virtually every person and entity is at a potential risk for hacking of information. It is apparent that the use of digitization in business, healthcare and government entities is extremely lacking in providing adequate cyber security to protect data from illegal

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