Negotiate Exchange Model

Component 2: Characterized by a spirit of inquiry.
1) Communication as an exchange characterized by a spirit of inquiry involves getting to know what the other party’s interests are. Thus, effectively getting to the essence of what they are wanting out of a negotiated agreement, and where they stand presently on the issues. To best describe this component of the communication as a negotiated exchange model we decided on two concepts that we feel fully explain how one would find “Where are You?” in a negotiated exchange. First, concept 30: E/R/A- Empathy, Reflection, and Arguing for Self as three components of communication episodes. Empathy is essential in a negotiation. You must understand where the other party is coming from to know where
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Avoidance, accommodation, competition, and collaboration all have their place and the time to be used. It is very important that as a negotiator you know what strategy you will be using to make the deal based on how important the relationship and the outcome is. Two main questions you need to ask yourself when preparing for a negotiation are how important the relationship is to you and how important the outcome is to you. When you are seeking out a collaborative strategy, the negotiation may take a long time to work out, but knowing that this is what you are striving for can help you be open and honest throughout. This sort of knowledge is extremely valuable for you to know as a negotiator and will aid you in figuring out where you stand. If you are able to decipher which strategy to use, it can help you understand what techniques are at your disposal and even help you stick with your …show more content…
We found this to become one of the main topics of a negotiated exchange. In this virtuous cycle stage is where we obtain outcomes. In the book it states, “Counteracting misperception and mistrust at the beginning of a negotiation can help negotiators avoid vicious cycles and sustain virtuous ones”. This important element not only allows us to put all of the issues aside and get down to the matters at hand, but also explains how to make a situation sustainable throughout the entire process. In a winning relationship between parties it is important to know each other’s triggers and to avoid them if possible. After all, people just want to be treated fairly as do

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