Complete Assessment of Mr. Smith Essay

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Complete Assessment of Mr. Smith
Jackie McManus
University of Missouri Saint Louis

Biographical Data Thomas Smith is a 95-year-old Caucasian male who resides in Saint Charles Missouri. He was born in Saint Louis on June 29, 1917. He is currently married to his wife of 71 years. He is retired from appliance sales and general maintenance. He has lived in Saint Charles, Missouri his entire life except for four years when he served in the United States Army during World War II. While he was in the Army he served in Germany, this was the only time Mr. Smith has been outside the United States.
Source and Reliability Mr. Smith and his daughter Lynn are my source of information to complete my assessment. Lynn has been a nurse for 40
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His most recent hospitalization was from recent falls where it was discovered that he had a mild stroke. He spent 2 weeks in a rehab facility for strengthening. His daughter also states a history of arthritis, dementia, hearing loss, benign prostatic hyperplasia and skin cancer on his forehead, in which he had outpatient surgery to remove. He also had outpatient surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes in 2010. He currently wears glasses to improve his vision.
Family History Mr. Smith’s family history includes lung cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s and hypertension. His mother died of natural causes. His father died of complications of emphysema. He had one sister that died from colon cancer, one sister that died from a stroke and another that died from Alzheimer’s. He also had five brothers that died from lung cancer. He has one living brother and one living sister. All five brothers that died from lung cancer were all cigarette smokers, while Mr. Smith and his younger brother never smoked. Mr. Smith’s genogram is included on the following page.
Review of Skin, Hair and Nails Skin is warm and dry to touch including hands and feet. Skin is looses and wrinkled with age. Mr. Smith denies any itching or rash. His skin is free of lesions or breakdown other than small bruise noted to left hand, which Mr. Smith states he bumped on table. Skin turgor returns to normal contour in approximately 5 seconds when released. His hair

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