Complaining Of A Complaint Free World Essay example

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After reading about the idea of a complaint free world in the article “Complaining Is Hard to Avoid, but Try to Do It with a Purpose”, I could not agree more. People complain far too often. Walking down the street it is easy to hear side conversations about someone complaining about the weather, or what slight misfortune that happened to them that day. I agree with you that people find little satisfaction from complaining; they find it easier to say a complaint rather than anything positive. Complaining all the time about the same thing is not productive and neither is the type of people who will ask for advice about a situation they are in and then not follow through with the advice, that can be repetitive. It can be a continuous cycle of complaining that ends up leading nowhere. Everyday encounters with complaining leaves people feeling drained, and listening to a whiny voice complain about the weather is exhausting. Complaining, to some, is a catharsis; it is a release of emotions, but it should not be used as a crutch in starting conversations; it should not be used as an excuse to get of out of difficult situations by complaining about them enough. Complaining is becoming far too casual in our world and we are starting to become unaware of how much we are doing it. In the article, I agree that there comes little satisfaction from complaining. For example, requesting actions instead of complaining about them would be more beneficial than scoffing at some upset.…

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