Laziness Essay

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What Makes People Lazy?
Laziness or indolence can be found in almost every person. Due to laziness, people constantly postpone important things for later. They become disorganized and spend more time on entertainment than on work. It has become a costly problem for people; therefore, they decide to find ways to overcome laziness. Today we have much information about how to eradicate laziness; unfortunately, this information is useless in most cases. To overcome laziness, a person needs to put in some effort, and that is not compatible with indolence. Even when a person understands that his laziness causes problems, it sometimes will persist. So why are people lazy? I’m a fellow sufferer, I’d like to know what drives people to be lazy.
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The internet is useful for doing research and broadening knowledge, as it harbours millions of books and articles from around the world, but for all the great things on the Internet, there is an equal amount of time-wasting activities such as social networks, video games, and many entertainment-only websites. I, myself, am a victim of those time-consuming activities as I often find myself wasting hours of my precious time doing things I later regret. I can’t force myself to accomplish more useful things like reading a book or learn English. I can’t fall asleep before I finish a game level in my cell phone and I always find time for this in any circumstances. All these distractions don’t let me concentrate on …show more content…
They can say that they will do it tomorrow, or they don’t have time and they start it on Monday. With these phrases, people attempt to justify their indolence, but the genuine reason they are hiding behind those words is fear of difficulties. A good example is overweight people. Not all of them choose to be overweight. This problem builds up from when they were kids. Their mothers were just too lazy to cook food at home so they took their kids to the fast-food restaurants. As a result, people became accustomed to it from childhood, and they frequently eat fast food, which contributes to weight gain. They are afraid to begin losing weight because it requires much time and effort, but the results will not come at once. As this problem became global, researchers found a way to help all people who try to lose weight. They invented diet pills, but as I know, they are not really working, so this became just another reason to justify laziness. People will blame the pills, researchers, but not

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