Competitor Analysis of Whirlpool Corporation with Special Reference to the Stabilizer Market in Surat

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The objective of summer training from academic learning point of view is to provide an interaction with real world and understand the problems, issues and challenges being faced by corporate world, and to give an opportunity to the student to apply the learning at campus. The trainee is expected to work on live projects and work out a feasible solution for the same. For the learner, it is an opportunity to understand about the functioning of the organization at broader level, understanding and experiencing what to expect after joining the corporate world. It is an opportunity to understand work culture.
On 15st March 2012 I started my project under the guidance of Mr. CHIRAG THAKKAR (Asst. Manager) SURAT.
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⇨What competitors are offering.

⇨To find out customers parameter of purchasing.

⇨To find out market condition of stabilizers in Surat

Chapter-1: Introduction of Project

[1.1] Introduction to study

[1.2] Introduction of consumer durable industry [1.3] PEST Analysis of consumer durable industry
[1.4] Stabilizer market

[1.1] Introduction to study


In the given topic, the research is to be done for finding industry functioning on the basis of competition it is facing from its competitors.

The stabilizer market is covered by huge number of marketers creating competition for each others. The marketing strategy of all have to analyzed and a model is to be drawn suggesting the company how to increase market share of stabilizers

The research was important with a perspective of creating and developing new horizons of marketing. The new horizons can be developed with a preview of newly developed project along with the developing projects by doing a potential analysis of company’s marketing and its competitors strategies.

Market research done in different area

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