The Clorox Company Summary

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The following is an analysis on The Clorox Company. I am currently a fund manager for a well-known investment banking house in New York. I have been tasked with investing/managing a $300 million dollar fund. The type of fund I am managing is a pension/retirement fund. This fund is a long term with low risk of loss of capital and requires a return of five percent per annum. As the fund manager, I will invest $25 million dollars in The Clorox Company which is a long term low risk investment.
“The Clorox Company is a leader in manufacturing and marketer of consumer products, with fiscal year 2014 revenues of 5.5 billion, and has 7,700 employees worldwide, the company manufactures products in more than one dozen countries and markets them in more than 100 countries” ("Fact sheet," n.d., p. 1). The Clorox Company is based in Oakland,
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The Clorox Company has a history of 100 years of business, bringing cleaning and disaffecting power to the world. The Clorox Company has earned the trust and respect of people everywhere since it opened its doors in 1913 (The Clorox Company, n.d.).
Clorox strives to stand by its core value to make everyday life better, every day, by bringing hundreds of products to life (The Clorox Company, n.d.). The Clorox Company strives to for a higher purpose and what they aspire to do at Clorox. Clorox’s strives to understand and delight consumers with brands that enhance their lives, as well as to make a positive impact in the communities where Clorox does business (The Clorox Company,

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