Competence And Competency Across Health Care Systems Essay

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Continued advancements in medical treatments, combined with the increased complexities of today’s patients make healthcare a challenging, yet a rewarding environment in which to work (Franklin, 2015; Tzeng, 2004). To navigate through these complexities, while ensuring the delivery of high quality patient care, nurses are encouraged to increase their skills and knowledge base (Franklin, 2015). Continued competency in nursing is a topic of interest to regulatory bodies, health care administrators, educators, and nurses (Wilkinson, 2013). Despite the importance of this topic, there is a lack of consensus establishing the measurement and the maintenance of continued nursing competency. Standardizing nursing competency is especially challenging as the experience and depth of nursing knowledge is incredibly diverse. There are variations of the definition of competence and competency across health care systems. The inconsistency in a clear definition also presents a challenge in establishing the roles and responsibilities of each key stakeholder. In this paper, I will examine the definition of maintaining continued competency in nursing. I will explore common pitfalls to maintaining continued competency and discuss strategies and nursing implications for implementation.
Search Strategies
A comprehensive search for research articles was used to identify the theoretical and empirical findings on continuing competency in nursing. A search for research studies from…

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