Similarities Between Stephen Jobs And Steve Jobs

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There are two major influential people that will be discussed thoroughly in this paper. One is Stephen Jobs and the other is Richard Branson. Both have accomplished incredible achievements in their lifetime. They both share an interesting path to success. To fully understand these peoples’ lives I will compare the two in depth. To begin, Stephen jobs at a young age was a normal kid who swam competitively, and had hobbies like electronics. He was known to spend lots of time in his neighbor’s garage since his neighbor worked at a computer company. Steve later in his life attended Homestead High School where he took his first electronic class. Then Steve started going to lectures after school at Hewlett-Packard Company, which was about computers. …show more content…
Richard has a style of helping others with his business rather than just being in it for money. This is seen by Richard explaining that he looks for an area of life that needs to be improved and then looks for the right people to run that business to improve it (Davis). This is similar to one of Steve Job’s management styles as they both aren’t in it for the money, rather to help others. Richard also has a management style of putting his employee’s happiness first. Richard even says he looks for ″people who are willing to go get drunk with the staff in the evenings, people who can let their hair down, and be flexible and listen [to their employees].″ which is a good way to promote the business from within (Davis). Steve Jobs is seen very differently from this as he once fired 3,000 employees from Apple, and was happy because it helped salvage Apple’s money they spent. Branson also has a management style of doing things differently. He follows what the consumers’ want instead of what the competition is doing. He prides himself on his ability to listen to customers, and take action upon their wants and needs. This is also very similar to Steve Jobs as he was creating things to help change the lives of others, and by making his products user friendly as possible. Lastly, Branson says a big part of his management role is laughter. He explains that you must enjoy what you do, so if you don’t have passion for whatever it may be you will more than likely fail (Schwabel). This is yet another shared trait between Richard and Steve, as they both are obsessed with what they’ve

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