Essay about Comparison of Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics Gp

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Two accounting software programs, Sage Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics, were tested under similar conditions for a direct comparison. General information categories were created with more specific segments to pit both of the programs against each other. The reaction to each segment was based on a Liker Scale, where each segment was graded 1-5 based on the following criteria:

1-Completely dissatisfied/very difficult
2-Slightly dissatisfied/moderately difficult
4-Satisified/not difficult
5-Extremely satisfied/very easy

The following analysis displays a matrix for each category with corresponding segments, showing the liker scale grade and explanation.

| Peachtree | Microsoft Dynamics | General Ledger: | | |
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Both programs allow users to create vendor lists that include information such as name, address, phone number, payment terms, and credit terms.
At the time of this comparison, there was no current analysis of payroll for Dynamics, but Peachtree offers a number of options for setting up payroll including taxes and types of pay such as salary, hourly, and overtime. Both programs allow for the entering of invoices, as well as receipt of payment. Peachtree has both an invoice and receipt function located on the main screen or under the “Tasks” toolbar, but Dynamics users must search for the same function within the various menus of the program. Both programs allow users to choose the customer or vendor for each transaction and to create invoice numbers, as well as allowing the user to select the correct invoice for payments.

Financial Statements: | Peachtree | Microsoft Dynamics | Contains standard statements | 5 | 4 | Ease of creating special statements | 4 | 4 | Comparative period statements | 3 | 1 | Contains payroll register | 5 | N/A | Statements generated automatically | 5 | 5 |

Peachtree features all standard financial statements located under the “Reports & Forms tool bar. Reports are broken down by type and require minimal customization. The financial statement Wizard feature allows user to create statement

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