Comparison Of Homeschooled Education Vs. Public Education

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Homeschooled education versus Public education
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that public education in the United States is a serious problem that keeps getting worse. It’ no surprise that public school system in a decline and more parents doubt the effectiveness of public schools by switching their children to homeschooling. Advocates of traditional public school system claim that public school is a best place for a child to get knowledge, thrive and better prepare for adult life. Opponents of public schools suggest that every child is unique and try to stay away from government authoritarianism in education. It might be a rationale in both cases, but parents should have rights to educate their children at home because of better academic
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Public education is one of sectors that spends large fractions of taxpayer’s money. The federal government has to finance maintenance of thousands of buildings, a large fleet of school buses and many other items related to the process of public education.
Furthermore, the budget covers teachers’ salaries, their retirement programs and other benefits.
On the family side, public schools demand notebooks (sometimes for every subject), different presentation tools, uniforms and textbooks. Besides, some pocket money needs to be given for lunches, priced school activities and other unexpected expenses. Public schools thus become more expensive, especially for the poor individuals whereas homeschooling might be cheaper both for them and the government. McElroy suggests that “The average expenditure for the education of a homeschooled child, per year, is $500 to $600, compared to an average expenditure of $10,000 per child, per year, for public school students” (2015). At this point, some may argue that this is not an appropriate comparison since homeschooling also has its costs because one parent does not earn money and thus reduce the family income. Despite rationality of the argument, homeschooling family with one working parent still might be wealthier
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Public schools cannot effectively address issues like bullying, racism, sexual harassment, that in their turn cause irreparable damage to the physical and/or emotional safety of a child. Especially, it is hard to totally eliminate bullying in public schools since there always will be students who need to feel powerful and in control. Another big problem is adequacy of security measures that public schools use to prevent terror attacks, gun violence, distribution or use of illegal drugs and weapons. In recent years, rates of violent incidents tend to rise and increasing fatal shootings in the United States schools prove the fact that children are not safe in public schools. Safety issues, specifically gun violence, are part of a bigger problem that goes beyond problems in public education so there is no single solution to that problem. Homes are the only places where a child does not have to deal with peer pressure and the home is the safest, most secure environment to learn.
To summarize, home-schooling seems to be the best solution for children education and parents should be given rights to decide whether to keep their kids at home or enroll them

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