Home Education Vs Public Education

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Homeschooled education versus Public education
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that public education in the United States is a serious problem that keeps getting worse. It’ no surprise that public school system in a decline and more parents doubt the effectiveness of public schools by switching their children to homeschooling. Advocates of traditional public school system claim that public school is a best place for a child to get knowledge, thrive and better prepare for adult life. Opponents of public schools suggest that every child is unique and try to stay away from government authoritarianism in education. It might be a rationale in both cases, but parents should have rights to educate their children at home because of better academic
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On the contrary, homeschoolers are less affected by external factors so that the parents are able to customize or individualize the curriculum and learning environment for each child. As a result, homeschooled kids usually outperform their peers not only in schools, but in colleges as well. According to
McElroy one of the significant achievements of homeschooling is its consistently high placement on assessment tests (2015). Another point that opponents of homeschooling stress is that education at home limit children’s’ social abilities. It has been argued that children who do not attend public schools, might grow up with somewhat limited social skills since they do not interact sufficiently with their peers. In other words, homeschooled kids might be less confident, shy and cannot show up all their potential in adult life. However, studies indicate that the reality is quite the opposite. For example, an expert from Foundation for economic education points out that “homeschooled children are better socialized with both peers and adults” (McElroy, 2015).
If homeschooled children actually do not have any problems in academic performance
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Firstly, some money will be saved that otherwise to be paid if a child attends public school. In addition, benefits of homeschooling
(like deeper knowledge) ultimately will offset opportunity costs that are borne by one working parent. Safe environment that home schools provide may be one of the key points in favor of home education. Public schools cannot effectively address issues like bullying, racism, sexual harassment, that in their turn cause irreparable damage to the physical and/or emotional safety of a child. Especially, it is hard to totally eliminate bullying in public schools since there always will be students who need to feel powerful and in control. Another big problem is adequacy of security measures that public schools use to prevent terror attacks, gun violence, distribution or use of illegal drugs and weapons. In recent years, rates of violent incidents tend to rise and increasing fatal shootings in the United States schools prove the fact that children are not safe in public schools. Safety issues, specifically gun violence, are part of a bigger problem that goes beyond problems in public education so there is no single solution to that problem. Homes

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