Comparison And Contrast Of High School Teachers Vs. College Professors

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Register to read the introduction… You also have class participation which plays affect a large part of your grade as well. in most college courses. It gets the students more involved and seems to make them want to be there. It also gives them life skills of interacting with others and gives them a confidence boost. Which in turn, affects and raises their attendance. I believe you would have a more prepared student for college and you would probably see grades rise if high school teachers took more of an approach of involving students . (JUST TURNED THAT AROUND) You would also see students more excited about being in class, especially if class participation was a part of their grade.

There are also deadlines and due dates that are expected to be followed by both teachers and professors. High school teachers tend to hold your hand as a child so to speak, and remind you on a daily basis of when your homework is due. They will continually let you know when tests and projects are due as well. In most cases, teachers will write on the black board when assignments and deadlines are due and
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You had better watch out because it was like some herd of cows running from a slaughter house. They were more thrilled to be getting out of there than the students. If the teachers showed a little more compassion and interest in all their students, more of them would go to college and succeed in life.They didn't seem to care if you succeeded or not. (JUST TURNED THE

However, in college I have experienced the professors much more willing to work with their students. They seem to care about whether you pass or fail; almost like they don*t want to see you back again. They set up a locator card and give you their e-mail address so you can set up a time to meet with them one-on-one if you are having trouble. Also, they tend to (DELETE) stay after class and help the students that have further(DELETE) questions or need extra help.
Professors tend to understand their students better and it seems they want to see them succeed. They are much calmer and relaxed than high school teachers.

Teachers and professors both seem to have compassion for students. The professors just seem to have it for all of their

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