Comparing The Two Stories A Secret Sorrow By Karen Van Der Zee And A Sorrowful Woman

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Compare and Contrast

The two stories A Secret Sorrow by Karen Van der Zee and A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin can be seen to have contrasting qualities. Primarily, A Secret Sorrow conveys a cliché love story of a woman, Faye; who can’t have kids and is scared of being a disappointment to her soon to be husband, Kai. However, they work out their issues, adopt kids, and live happily ever, “in the low white ranch house under the blue skies of Texas…” (Zee 37). Second, A Sorrowful Woman is about a woman who finds it difficult to serve her purpose as a mother/wife to her husband and son. She becomes mentally ill; she shuts her family out, and little by little her sanity deteriorates. Between the two stories, A Sorrowful Woman is the more effective of the two, in terms of the central message it presents. This can be recognized and proven by thoroughly looking at the plot, theme, and characterization of the two stories.

For starters, the plot which is defined as, “The author’s selection and arrangement of incidents in a story to shape the action and give the story a particular focus” (Meyer 2137), is essential for understanding the central messages of both stories because it gives a sense of order in which the events happen; giving each story a mind racking impact. In A Secret Sorrow the plot is climatic at first, mixed with feelings of despair throughout both Kai and Faye. They do resolve their conflict and all is well again, leaving the story with a happy, fairytale…

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