Comparing Luke's Gospel And Mark

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When analyzing the four gospels in the bible it is likely that Mark’s gospel was written first. It is agreed that Luke’s gospel borrowed text from Mark, therefore Luke “most probably used Mark as his primary source.” (Muddiman 134) There are instances in which Luke’s gospel differs from Mark, changing some aspects, and omitting others. In these instances, it is possible that some of these are derived from the gospel of Matthew. Furthermore, Luke adds to the gospel of Mark many occurrences which “ varying degrees of closeness, are found also in Matthew”. (Muddiman 135). When looking at differences in Luke’s gospel from that of the gospel of Mark, it appears Luke goes into more detail to explain parable meanings. He also explains the “implication” …show more content…
Jesus’ response was that anyone that does God’s will is his brother or sister or mother. Again, Luke goes into more detail explaining the circumstances surrounding the reason Jesus said this. Mark describes Jesus mother and brethren calling for him. Coupled with Mark explaining that Jesus said that anyone who does the will of the God is his brother. Both gospels agree on those facts, by contrast Luke adds one small detail that makes all the difference. Luke describes Jesus saying “my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.” Luke explains further to be his brother, sister, or mother you cannot simply follow the will of God. Luke cites that Jesus says you need to “hear the word of God and do it”. This is a much taller order then simply doing the will of God because the word of God is broad and has many facets. Whereas doing that the will of God is in your life may not be as detailed. Luke takes liberty to expound where he felt needed more explanation. This may be since his audience were gentiles. At the time that he wrote the gospel of Luke the Jewish has largely “rejected the gospel” (137), causing them to focus their attention to the gentiles. Given the circumstances, Luke seems to have favored going into greater detail explaining principles and doctrine otherwise left up to interpretation in the gospel of Mark. Luke had taken ideas from the gospel of Mark and of Matthew and added his own commentary. Luke expounded on why he believes Jesus gave his command on which the debtor loved more and on being his brother and sister. His extra details seemed to be from his desire to win over more gentiles by tailoring the text to explain details of Jesus’ life to the

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