Essay on Comparing Islam And Religion Of Islam

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Comparing Islam The religion of Islam has become increasingly controversial over the last two decades. My goal throughout this paper is to compare several points of Islam against Christianity, revealing the differences and similarities between the two. In the text Finding Your World View: Thinking Christianly About the World, we read that each of these religions are based on one god alone. In Islam, this God is Allah. He is One, without an equal or a superior. His word, the Qur’an, was written by his final prophet, Muhammed. In Christianity this God is the one and only god, who is the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit (sent out into the hearts of believers.) His word, the Bible, was written through His Spirit, breathed to men who then wrote the various books held within (p. 151).
The Question of Origin.
The question of how life began is one that everyone, regardless of worldview, examines at one time or another. For Islam, this question is answered in their holy book, the Qur’an. The Qur’an agrees with the holy book of Christianity, the Holy Bible, naming six days of creation by God alone. But whereas the Bible lays out the six days of creation right away in Genesis chapter one, the Qur’an spreads out the creation account throughout the book, speaking on it when relevant. Campanini points out that Islam, much like what is taught in Christianity, teaches that all of creation was spoken into existence through the word of God (p. 43).
The Question of Identity.…

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