Comparing Brutus And Cassius In Julius Caesar

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“I will do so. Until then think of the world.” Brutus and Cassius from the play “Julius Caesar” are very similar. Both wanting the best for Rome and their people so they conspire against Caesar and eventually die in similar ways. But yet they are also very different. Cassius is cunning and manipulative while brutus is easy going and very likeable. Comparing these two characters can be challenging just like it is for both of these characters to find the peace of Rome. Brutus says “What means this shouting? I do fear the people. Choose Caesar for their king.” Cassius says “Ay, do you fear it” Antony had offered caesar the crown thrice times that day and even though caesar did not accept it went to show really just how much power caesar really …show more content…
And would do anything and everything he could to get the job done. Even killing someone… Consequently that is just the case. A good hearted, friend of Caesar and easily manipulated is Brutus. Always doing what he can for Rome. A noble and honest sincere leader.
Cassius is a good general. He does not like that the people like Julius Caesar and want him to be the king. There is one similarity of the characters. They both do not like to see Julius Caesar become a king. Another similarity is they both want the best of Rome. Cassius in the story leads Brutus to believe Julius Caesar is corrupt and that he needs to die. After Brutus being tricked by forged notes saying they were from the Roman people.“The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars.” after all the trouble the two men go through to kill Caesar to make sure he doesn’t become a tyrant ruler and king they both die and not the best ways. Suicide. Cassius’ death is more assisted suicide but all the same. They realize they have lost the war so cassius orders someone he saved to stab him, “...with this good sword, that ran through Caesar’s bowels, search this bosom. Stand not to answer: her, take thou the hilts; and when my face is cover’d, as ‘tis now, guide thou the sword.”When brutus finds cassius’ dead body he realizes that they won’t win the war and he’ll either be killed by Antony or his people or he can kill himself. He goes for the second

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