Compare And Contrast Christianity And Islam

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Although Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam are all teachings that represent different beliefs they differ in several ways. These ancient teachings represents rules and styles of living since they have been created. Each religion have a very detailed background history that they believe is significant for their beliefs. They believe that by not abiding by these rules will not only result in negative consequences in the current life, but also in the afterlife or other life in certain cases. They all agree that God is the most supreme being of the universe and he is grateful enough to allow humans free will. Each religion also has a special prayer, but all agree that prayer can erase sins and will grant them peace and happiness.
Hinduism contains an extremely broad range of philosophies. It is often referred to as Dhamma. The concept of it is duty or righteous behavior. Dhamma has 7 Edicts that were written nearly twenty-seven years ago. This is very similar to Christianity beliefs which are the Ten Commandments. Both Christianity and Hinduism believe that happiness in the real world is hard to obtain without first loving God or Dhamma, there should be servers that help spread the religious teachings. They think they should share the belief that it requires little evil, much good
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All these religions provide its followers and believers with a God to worship, believe in the power of prayer, and believe sins come at a very expensive price. Islam has the Quran book whereas Christianity believers have the Bible. Islam and Christianity believers put God first, but Hinduism thinks pursuit of truth is far more important than worshiping a God. Christianity and Islam believe in heaven and hell so they think they should repent. Yet, all believe in life after death. They are all common practiced religions that have a unique, yet authentic history that can differ in numerous

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