Similarities Between Live Theatre And Tv Theatre

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Live theatre and film are quite different although they have some of the most similar aspects. Live Theater is real and the theatrical actors are really able to set the environment and are able to make people feel and connect to what the character’s are going through. The experience people go through when they watch a show speaks for itself. Movies and tv shows are somewhat realistic as well, but they are not as majestic as what it feels like to actually be right there with the “characters” right in their faces. The connection the audience will feel towards the characters and the raw emotions that take place on the show. Live theatre offers an experience that is raw and real, draws connections between the characters and the audience, and creates a magical environment that welcomes the audience to takepart in the character’s journeys. …show more content…
People are able to be face to face with the characteristics and what they go through. Seeing the characters right in their faces, they can really be able to tell what the characters their emotions and mental processes. This counts to make sure that the scene is realistic. “At the heart of the theatre experience is the performer – audience relationship: the immediate, personal exchange whose chemistry and magic give theatre its special quality.” The writer of this one article from means that the connection that the audience and “characters” feel are real, only because they are literally right in front of the audience. When the audience open themselves up to the stage occurrences, they are able to feel as if the conflicts going on the some of the most lively situations one can experience. Especially in live theatre the actors do a great job of enhancing the plot to the ultimate

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