College Vs High School

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Growing up people tend hear that high school and college are going to be the best years of their life. These are the times that a person starts to not just figure themselves out but also their future. They find that their life is starting to take hold and will start experiencing a lot of changes happening around them. One of the changes would be transitioning from high school to college. Although there are some differences between the two like dress codes and teaching techniques there are some similarities involving grades and rules.

Whether someone is in college or high school the rules on cheating and plagiarism are the same. When giving a test or some type of work it is expected of a person to complete it themselves. When that said person
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One of the main things about them that is contrastive is their opposite dress codes. In high school there are very distinctive rules that students have to follow applying to their clothes and appearance. A few dress rules that are stressed in high school are shoulders are not allowed to be seen, hair has to be a natural color, and shorts have to be a certain length. If a student does not comply to these rules it would result in either them going home to change their clothes or sitting in detention for the rest of they day. One of the reasons some people tend to prefer college over high school is because of the more laid back set of rules when it comes to clothes and appearance. In college as long as a persons clothes are not distracting the professors do not really mind a persons wardrobe. But, dress codes are not the only difference between high school and college, college also has a different type of teaching …show more content…
Although homework is still given it is not as extreme as in high school. Also, college tends to go through topics a lot quicker. College is a rapid paced environment when it comes to learning and the professors do not have time to stop and baby their class like they are used to. When a new subject is being brought up the students need to quickly learn it and if they are having a problem with it will have to seek outside help because unlike high school the subject is not going to be retaught to them multiple times. Although learning like this can be harder it is more effective and the teachers can introcuce more topics so therefore the students are learning more.

There are always going to be similarities and differences in everything just like their is in high school and college. Some may prefer how college is set up while others may favor high school. Although high school has different rules on attire than college and different teaching tactics they both overall are trying to help put their students on the right path to successfulness, In doing so they both promote high scores and honesty. No matter the differences both high school and college are important and can influence a person and their

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