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IMImportant Scholars of Education:
The Work of Paulo Freire and William W. Brickman
Alana L. Jackson
Northcentral University
Author Note
Alana L. Jackson, Department of Education, Northcentral University
This article discusses the contributions of the amazing scholars Paul Freire and William W. B. Brickman and how their theories on education impacted their philosophies on improving education in their time. Friere believed the, “Banking” concept of education was the best theory to improve education in the poverty and oppressed areas(Flanagan, 2005) versus Brickman argued that the “comparative” approach on education gives students more versatility of educational learning(Silova and Brehm, 2010). These scholars developed
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Paul Freire and William W. Brickman Contributions
Paulo Freire was an extraordinary Brazilian educator whose revolutionary pedagogical theory influenced educational and social movements throughout the world and his personal philosophy influenced academic disciplines that include theology, sociology, anthropology, applied linguistics, pedagogy, and cultural studies (Flanagan, 2005). Freire believed that teachers played an intricate role to the welfare of the students’ education that students were considered banks and the teachers are constantly making deposits in the brains. Paulo Freire called this the “Banking Education “and Freire felt that banking education model was designed to improve critical thinking about situations (Flanagan, 2005). Educators role of teaching were to expand the minds of students by teaching them how to problem solve and this strategy would help students understand the world /society is not fixed and it potentially opening to transformation (Flanagan, 2005). William W. Brickman was amazing scholar whose focus on education was for the development in its history and international expansion. William Brickman goal was to strive to understand and not undermine others in expanding educational development. Brickman strove to expand educational concepts through extensive traveling to understand first hand social and linguistics issues (Silova and Brehm, 2010). He encouraged extensive international cooperation and working with specialist of a multitude

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