Compare and Contrast Essay

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Two memoirs Where Did You Sleep Last Night? by Danzy Senna and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls share the same similarities in their life stories: a bad childhood within an alcoholic father. However, these two writers are separated from each other about their feeling toward their family: Senna has child anger to her broken family while Walls has forgiven her careless parents. This anger leads Senna to write this book that she explored her father’s past within her self-discovery. However, Walls writes about her past by telling about her memories of childhood without seeking self-exploration; instead she shows how forgiveness played an important role in her relationship with
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She and her sibling were always neglected and did not have their father with them when they need him most. So, these experiences affect her personal relationship between her and her father. Thus, she always recalls her childhood with the components of anger, broken promises and disappointed parents where she says, “I worried I was damage beyond repair, that something had gone so wrong in my childhood it could never be made right” (109). In the progress of the book we see that Senna’s childhood anger which surfaces again and again toward her father never ended because of their difficult and unsatisfactory relationship. This disappointing experiences and memories of her childhood encourage her to find more about her father’s past where she was hoping to find the reasons of her anger toward her father. She explores that the feeling that she had in her childhood is not different from her father‘s where she says, “He’d spent a portion of his childhood in an orphanage, but I sensed that to ally myself with him would be to orphan myself” (182). She did not want to accept this situation that a father could give the same pain to his children that he had in his childhood. Senna says, of an encounter with her father, “Yet I felt it, the old snapping anger in by brain, the rage that can go into remission but is never really gone. I still wanted him to pay me back for the childhood that was long since over”

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