Leonardo And Aquarium Comparison

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The Leonardo and the Aquarium are both great museums, but there are many differences, while there are also many things in common. Today I will be comparing and contrasting the Leonardo and the Aquarium. These two museums are full of many fun things to do, Let's start with The Leonardo. The Leonardo is a large museum up in Salt Lake City. The exterior of this building looks very interesting. It has large flat pillar like structures panning around the building, some with interesting designs and others just a plain brown. There are lights that are on the roof, projecting light on the sides at night, so you can see "The Leonardo" Written in big letters at the front. As you enter the museum in a door at the side of the building, there is a place for your coats so you don't have to carry it wherever you go. When I went there for a field trip, I think this is the only time it is used. It makes sense because it wouldn't be wise just to leave your stuff in there with other peoples stuff. The Leonardo is a fun museum because almost everything is hands on! The Aquairium has some things hands on, like the touch pools they have, full of …show more content…
The Aquarium is located in Draper. It's full name is The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The Exterior of the Aquarium is amazing! Most of the building are glass panels, but the other part is a brick, colored in different blues and grey! It looks quite modern, looking at the design. And there is also a large fin sticking out the side of the aquarium. When you walk in, you are quickly exposed to a large open room, already filled with many things and people. There are whales and sharks hanging from the ceiling and a gift shop on your left. In the middle they have a coin "whirlpool". You place a coin in a small slot, this then pushes the coin and it spirals down until the very end. There were stairs leading up to a second floor and rooms full of sea creature wonders! This Aquarium has over 2,400 sea creatures and

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