Squids Vs Octopuses Essay

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Squids and Octopuses are two very similar and incredible sea creatures who have lived on this earth for millions of years. Squids have gone down in history as fierce predators who are known to have taken down mighty predators like sharks as well as ships, in the 1700’s, giving them the description of giant sea creatures called Krakens. Octopuses have been known as great escape artists, with the ability to squeeze through smallest holes and crevices to escape predators at any given time. Both of these creatures are well known, but there has always been debate as to which one is more advanced. While these cephalopods are very similar, squids can be considered more much advanced in all including, body structure, habitat, capturing prey, and especially defense. These creature both belong in a scientific class named cephalopods which quite literally means head-footed, referring to the fact that its arms are directly connected to its head. …show more content…
Male octopodes reproduce by using a special arm called a hectocotylus and inserts it into its partner’s mantle cavity. The female will then go to its den and lay a string of fertilized eggs on the roof of its den. It is very curious how they decide to put their eggs on the roof instead of inside the den. The female will then guard her eggs from anywhere to 30 days to one year. Shortly after the eggs hatch the female will seal herself in her den and die. Squids will reproduce in large groups, choose a mate, and wrap their arms around each other to fertilize. When they are in this embrace their arms will change to the color of red signaling other squids to back off. The squid’s egg capsules are then attached to the beach floor or to seaweed. The squids then promptly die after laying their eggs and their bodies are then used as nourishment for the baby squids after they hatch. Baby squid eat their dead parents. Those are some-harcore baby

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