Analysis Of Original Title: Why The Sea Wasp Jellyfish

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LeeAnne Lopez
English IV-I
October 20, 2017
Original Title: Descriptive Phrase The introductory paragraph consists of five complete sentences. The first sentence is the thesis statement, and it must be a compound-complex sentence. The next four sentences will cover the four Roman numerals. There should be one sentence per Roman numeral. This should be followed by the body paragraph, one paragraph per letter in the outline, for a total of eight body paragraphs. Jellyfish are spineless sea creatures that have many cells on their tentacles that allow them to inject their victims with toxins. When some unsuspecting creature comes into contact with these dangerous medusa, whether it be human or wild sea animals, they will trigger tiny
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The reason they have earned this title is because each year there are over one hundred people who get stung and die. If even one of these spineless animals is in the shores of the water the authorities immediately have to close and block off all the beaches surrounding the areas for the safety of the people. There is one problem though, Sea Wasps are extremely difficult to find due to their transparent and hollow bodies. This makes it almost impossible to keep oneself safe and away from these jellyfish, because by the time the person realizes the jellyfish is there they would have already been stung. Sea Wasp shave tentacles that grow to reach a length of about ten to twelve feet long, and on each tentacle there is over five hundred thousand tiny coiled stinging cells ready to sting it’s next victim. The trigger hairs on the wasp jellyfish are extremely sensitive and even the most slightest of touches will instantly set off the jellyfish’s sting. A single sea wasp has enough venom in it’s tentacles to kill up to fifty human beings, and one sting is so painful that it will send a person into a state of mental shock. Once stung by the Sea Wasp jellyfish a person will have at most only a few minutes to live before their heart completely stops beating (Dennis-Bryan

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