Compare And Contrast Softball And Baseball Essay

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Fast pitch softball and baseball, they sound alike, they look alike, and they have a lot of similarities. However, they are a lot more different than they appear. I have been playing fast- pitch softball for twelve years so I am fairly knowledgeable on rules and regulations. I do not all the rules for baseball, but after research I found out the differences between the two sports. I plan to tell of the similarities and variances of softball and baseball. Fast pitch softball has many differences from baseball. The differences vary anywhere from pitching style to field length. First off, softball pitchers use a windmill motion. This means that they move their arm in a clockwise rotation and release the ball at their hip. The next difference is field size. A regular fast pitch softball field in high school, college, and professional is two hundred feet long. The field may not exceed two hundred and twenty-five feet and the minimum is one hundred and ninety feet. Besides the variances in fields, softball games only last seven …show more content…
A baseball pitcher pitches the ball over handed going in a downward motion. Also another difference is leaving bases. Baseball runners can get a lead off of any base. This means that they can get however far off the base they please but if the pitcher throws the ball at them they have to get back to their original base. Baseball players always have to wear a hat. This is considered part of their uniform and is also a rule. Baseball bases are approximately ninety feet from each other in a perfect square. Baseball fields are always longer than softball field because they use a smaller ball which goes farther than the larger softball. Professional baseball games are normally nine innings but high school baseball games are only seven. Even though it seems that baseball and softball have many differences, they do have an abundance of similarities,

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